Chillspot Records’ latest signing Likkle Art has landed his first endorsement deal from Associated Foods Zimbabwe (AFZ) even before his music went public. Born Darrel Kurai, the 15-year-old has so far recorded more than 10 songs awaiting release anytime soon.

The young chanter was paraded by DJ Fantan during a recording session at the stable’s base in Mbare and immediately impressed AFZ leadership. Speaking during an unveiling ceremony held in the capital yesterday, AFZ chief executive officer, Simba Nyabadza, said they have taken lead towards teenager’s future.

Given dancehall music’s links with destructive habits like drugs, it is a challenge to keep a young chanter focused on education and hence the decision by AFZ to partner Chillspot Records in keeping Likkle Art focused on a better future. “As Associated Foods Zimbabwe we have taken a deliberate decision to assist Likkle Art towards achieving a better education. “We feel that after getting a better education right he will be able to transform his skills and monetize them,” said Nyabadza.

He added:

“We are not looking to brand him or benefit anything from the relationship but we are just offering him a bridge to achieve his musical career and full education. “Whilst Chillspot Records takes care of nurturing Likkle Art’s skills ours is a push towards attaining a decent life,” he said. He said they chose to partner the teenage sensation because his songs are progressive, positive and bear an influence on fellow youngsters.

The company has pledged to assist with school fees for the singer who is currently pursuing his Form 2 studies at Budiriro 1 High. According to DJ Fantan he didn’t believe in the youngster until he gave him a chance. “I remember him coming for the first time and I told him to return some other day and he received the same treatment from Levels.

“After giving him a desired chance he was able to surprise all of us and he has proved to be worth the shot,” said DJ Fantan. DJ Fantan also welcomed how corporates are building partnerships with Zimdancehall artistes. “This youngster has not released any commercial song nor recorded more than 10 songs but he has been endorsed by a big corporate.

“This is a big move for both the young artiste and us as Chillspot hence we are happy to welcome working with AFZ,” he said. The singer’s aunt Rachel Majachani could not hide her elation. “I am happy that my nephew will not end abusing drugs at a tender age like what most young boys his age are doing. “Much appreciation goes to DJ Fantan for giving him a chance that led to him being noticed by AFZ. “Having him occupied at the studio and school will save his life and make him a better artiste,” said Majachani.

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