Lychees in Syrup

Lychees are a walnut-sized snow white, juicy, and succulent fruit with reddish skin when fresh. Available only once a year in Zimbabwe, you can enjoy them canned throughout the year. Enjoy this delicious and exotic fruit with vanilla ice cream, served with crushed ice or simply chilled. Lychees can also be added to sweet and sour stir-fries for an unexpected and delightful taste. Make your desserts more delectably special with Jolly Lychees in Syrup! To ensure superior taste and freshness, these lychees are meticulously chosen and carefully packed. These lychees are also perfect as a healthy snack.

• Freshly harvested and packed at source to ensure a perfect taste
• Easy to create delicious desserts without the usual prep time


SKU: 425g Cans x12

Shelf Life: 24 months