Chopped Tomatoes

Made from the fresh Farmgold® Zimbabwean tomatoes, capturing the natural goodness of the vine for your great meals. The Farmgold® Chopped Tomato range maintains all the freshness of recently harvested tomatoes and it is available in different flavors. Try one after the other!. At Farmgold, we love making tasty tomato products that are ready for you to enjoy. We’ve diced, peeled, pureed and chopped our range of canned tomatoes, as well as mixed up some delicious combinations that add flavor and convenience to your every meal.


  • Real tomatoes, real simple, no preservatives.
  • Our cans have convenient Easy-Open lids.
  • Our paste cups are rounded to fit the shape of a spoon, so no mess, no waste.
  • Available in various packaging formats from value packs to catering sizes.

SKU: 410g Cans x12

Shelf Life: 18 month